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The Disconnect that comes with Being Connected

file4551245332797In today’s modern world, technology is an essential part of daily living. Social Media, the internet, TV and Smart Devices deliver everything we need from our favourite celebs and what they are doing and with who, to what we will have for dinner with our food app. But is all this access to technology really good for us? The truth is – at least I feel; NO.  I think it is the main reason we are so disconnected from life. Real life.

We have all these tools yet we complain that we are so busy and we are literally burning out.  Life was so much less stressed 30 years ago.  Our parents didn’t worry about status updates.  If mom forgot to tell dad to get bread at the shops it was just too bad.  No one cared that you just went to the gym and burnt off the extra calories from the jam doughnut or 5 you ate when no one was looking.  And if someone was following you, it was time to get worried.

Where did we go so wrong? I believe that the world is lying to us. We don’t need to know everything about everyone and what goes on in the world.  Only whats relevant. What Justin Bieber did last night really ads no value to your life.  Being permanently connected with technology is causing us to disconnect with who and whats important to our lives right now. This includes ourselves.

So where do we draw the line and get our lives back?  Here are 5 great ways to do this simply!

  1. Everything in moderation.  Make time to switch off from everything technology related and spend time with your family and friends.
  2. Do something YOU love.  Whether its gardening, reading or doing some yoga.  Do something that connects you to you.  For me, that’s writing.
  3. Evaluate what is important.  What do you need to know and have access to?  Unsubscribe from emails and social media accounts that take up time and add no value.  If you are not going to use it, get rid of it!
  4. Be disciplined.  Have a time for what you need to do with your devices, and stick to it. This helps you set firm boundaries for yourself and sets a good example for those around you. Especially your kids.
  5. Get OUT and do something DIFFERENT at least once a month that is within means for you and your family.  Go somewhere and do something fun you haven’t done before.  You will see there is in fact a whole world out there that is at your fingertips waiting to be explored.

At first, you may battle and want to check your phone and get in some games on facebook.  But keep going, you will find it will get easier as you go and those things your thought you really needed to know, are not that important.  Take time to have real conversations with real people and look them in the eye.  See them smile and laugh.  Hear them speak. and let them hear you. These are real connections that are worth keeping!