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She Stood in the Storm…

I love quotes.  They are little snippets of wisdom that can carry us through almost anything.  I stumbled upon this one and really felt so very moved by it.

 As I read it over and over again, I realised that there was not only power in what was written, but in what was not!  As much as it is very true that Life will always bring storms and it’s how we hold against the raging wind and pelting rain, it’s telling us that this is what is needed to withstand the storm.  We simply need to stand firm and hold; not fight!  When we fight we tire.  We lose our endurance and ultimately the battle.

There is a thin line between fighting and enduring.  It is in our nature to fight.  We want to fight.  It’s our right to fight!  The reality is that there are just some things we can’t fight.  We must make peace with them and endure what the road has ahead.   There is a time for everything and we all know how that verse goes.  We need to know when we need to stand and when we need to fight!


 “She stood in the storm” – she did not run away and hide or curse the storm

“& when the wind did not blow her away”  – she endured and waited for the wind to pass

“She adjusted her sails”  she took action


All we have to do is hold and when the time is right; do what we need to do.  This takes great courage and is never the easiest route but in the long run, it’s the best.

I shared it with a friend of mines whose husband passed away a few weeks ago after his long battle with cancer.   This quote reminds me so much of her.   She is truly inspirational.   She and her family will always be close to our hearts.

Although we have our own; we will never truly understand your pain and loss.  We will however always be here.   You will always be loved!