Beautiful Woman

Beautiful woman, do not cry. You have forgotten that you are perfectly created. It is the world that is imperfect.

Rise up, for I have clothed you with humility, kindness and love. There is no task you cannot do. In your heart lies wisdom and your feet are guided by the voices of angels.

Do not let the ways of the world stand in the way of the life I intended for you. Yes, you will encounter pain but do not let it define you.

Live because I have breathed life into you. Smile because you are the light of the world. Be at peace because I have given you mine.

You are precious. You are my masterpiece. Shine. For in you is the hope of the world.


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I’m Charlie, Professional Mom 24/7 and Freelance Social Media Architect & Blogger. I do random. And coffee. View all posts by The Shaking Ninja

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